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About Wiggly World

Our Pets Are Our Family

Wiggly World was founded by pet owners Angie and Vince. Their love for their pets inspired the creation of Wiggly World Pet Hotel & Lounge

At Wiggly World, the happiness, development, and safety of your pet comes first. 

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Hi! I’m Angie! My love for animals began very young. My family always had pets from small critters like sugar gliders and Guinea pigs, to large dogs like a Dalmatian and pit bulls. In my teen years, I enjoyed assisting my mom with her dog walking business, which eventually inspired me to work as a dog walker for another local business. In my college years, I decided to venture out into the veterinary industry, enrolling into a vet tech program. With the fast-paced life of dog walking, attending vet tech school, and living on my own, I wanted to do more, educate myself as much as possible to prepare for my vet tech externship. Eventually, I accumulated enough clientele to start my own dog walking business, which later led me to change my business model and create a happy place for all of the dogs I had been walking over the years: a dog daycare. Lucky for me, my best friend and life partner, Vince, shared the same love and passion for animals so much that he wanted to join me in creating this happy place for pets to play and feel at home.

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Hello there! I’m Vince, and I’m animal’s best friend. Wherever cats and dogs are is my place to be. Before I found my calling of working with animals, I worked in several leadership positions before landing a store manager position in retail where I gained managerial and administrative experience. During my retail career, Angie and I took in a dog who was in need of some serious TLC, which sparked our interest in becoming more involved in the animal rescue community. From there, we continued taking in fosters, working with prenatal, neonatal, and unfortunate abuse cases. I found joy and purpose in offering a happy and safe place for animals. What better world to work with animals and my love Angie?

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